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We believe capital can a be a force for good that connects our investors, investments and philanthropic partners.



We invest values-driven capital that maximizes financial return (IRR) and achieves an eternal impact (ERR).



We are a values-driven firm that humbly aspires to lead and collaborate in alignment with our values. Partnering with investors and investments who share these values is a key element of our vision.  

Kingdom Capital’s SHIELD values are Biblically-based., rooted in the faith of our founders. However, these values are not exclusively Biblical. Kingdom Capital welcomes collaborations with companies, organizations, and individuals who share these values regardless of their cultural or religious background.


SERVICE: Leading by serving

Leading by serving creates an empowered workforce and healthy team culture. Servant-leaders are cognizant of the power dynamics present in leadership and seek to steward their platform to serve and give, rather than coerce and take.

  • Be responsive to the legitimate interests of others when possible
  • Contribute to the success of others
  • Invest in self-development intentionally

Scripture: Mark 10:42-45

HUMILITY: Honoring others before ourselves

Humility enables the flow of ideas and contribution by others. Leaders and teams marked by a confident humility celebrate each other, hire the best talent, and create strong feedback loops organizationally.

  • Explicitly celebrate other’s accomplishments and strengths
  • Assume the best about team member’s intentions
  • Seek and receive feedback with openness
  • Treat all people with dignity and respect regardless of status or position

Scripture: Romans 12:3

INTEGRITY: Living according to these values

Integrity creates the culture of trust and credibility needed for leadership and teamwork to flow. Trust is essential to the psychological safety required for teams to reach their highest contribution zone.

  • Commit to an action bias with stated values
  • Seek values consistency and congruency in all interactions
  • Acknowledge value integration shortcomings, take ownership, and model commitment to growth

Scripture: Proverbs 10:9

EXCELLENCE: Pursuing superior results

A culture of excellence reflects a high performing team who proactively and energetically challenge the status quo as they blend their strengths together synergistically.

  • Face the facts and be solution oriented
  • Let the best idea rise
  • Take personal ownership for proactive problem solving
Scripture: Colossians 3:23

LOVE: Blessing and encouraging others

Choosing to love creates a magnetic culture where team members are seeking the good of the various stakeholders and empowering one another to their full potential.

  • Speak authentic belief and affirmation into team members
  • Seek the good of others in every word and action
  • Protect the team, organization, and culture with your words, attitude, and actions
  • Value people for who they are, not just what they can produce

Scripture – John 13:34-35

DIVERSITY: Leveraging various gifts and backgrounds

Diversity enables teams and organizations to harness the full perspectives, experiences, insights and skills of team members needed to face challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Celebrate the unique value in each team member
  • Recognize, appreciate, and advocate the strength in diversity
  • Utilize the experiences, strengths, and insights of others to achieve better results
Scripture: 1st Corinthians 12:12