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We look for uniquely better technology solutions addressing unmet needs in early stage companies.


We partner with our investments by leveraging our expertise, experience and ecosystem to support their success.


Kingdom Capital invests in early stage companies that are attractive companies, fit synergistically within our investment portfolio strategy, and align with the SHIELD values. By investing in technology-based solutions, Kingdom Capital has built out an integrated technology and health & medical investment portfolio. 

Kingdom Capital actively serves our investments by utilizing our extensive ecosystem to collaborate with companies, universities, hospitals, government or organizations that provide strategic/business value to companies within our portfolio. This has proven to accelerate, scale, and differentiate our investments throughout their life cycle.

Values Drive Valuation

Kingdom Capital’s investment thesis is summed up in three words: Values Drive Valuation.  It can also be expressed by the term Values.  Where unique financial returns, or alpha returns, are a function of the values of an organization.  Companies which authentically and intentionally aspire to grow and develop their culture and leadership reflective of the SHIELD values historically outperform their peer group financial metrics by double or more.  When this values-driven approach is matched with Kingdom Capital’s subject-matter expertise in health & medical and technology, truly significant valuations are realized, and the virtuous cycle of capital is accelerated.

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